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Antique Opium Weights

Original and antique opium weights

Opium Weights
  • Antique Burmese Opium Weights
  • Opium Weights

Our collection of Opium Weights

During our travels in Asia, we have collected a large collection of opium weights. These Opium Weights are for sale in the catalog. Besides the sales of original and antique opium weights, we worked to get online a clear information guide about opium weights and the meaning behind the shapes & motifs of the opium weights.

About Opium Weights

The expression Opium Weights has only recently been coined but has been very quickly adapted.
Richard Temple who travelled through Burma at the end of the 19th century refers to the weights in his notes as Burmese Standard Weights.
Certainly the mountain tribes of the Golden Triangle (Burma, Laos, Thailand) used the smallest ones for weighing opium, although they were actually made for everyday use, including all sorts of commerce. Opium weights were used on scales to weigh all sorts of foods, raw materials and metals.

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